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eBay Sales

eBay is too big to be ignored!

If you are in business or thinking about being in business, eBay represents a key marketplace. The eBay home page is one of the most recognizable on the internet. There is literally something for everyone…. Better yet, eBay represents an opportunity for everyone.

eBay Education Specialist - Southern MarylandIt doesn’t matter if you are a buyer or seller …. eBay is an amazing phenomena! Nowhere else are the lines between being a buyer and a seller so blurred. If you were considering an offline or "brick and mortar" retail operation, the barriers to just starting, much less being wildly successful, are complex and substantial. This is not the case on eBay.

The most common variety of eBay venture is that in which the entire business is operated directly from home and there is little to no direct "face-to-face" contact with the public.

The second variety is the eBay trading post. While there are home-based examples of this business type, most trading posts are operated from more formal "brick and mortar" settings. They rely on constant "face-to-face" interaction with the consumer.

The third variation is offline "brick and mortar" retail businesses that have expanded their revenue base by adding eBay sales to their operation. In some instances the eBay side of the business supplements the existing retail operation. In others, the online element becomes so successful that it only makes sense to close the offline retail establishment and focus entirely on the online market.eBay Trading Assistant - Southern Maryland

The business format that you choose is entirely up to you. There are thousands, if not tens of thousands, of examples of successful eBay sellers in each category. Many people start their eBay business as a home-based part-time endeavor and grow it into a full-time operation. This is clearly the option that presents the least risk.

The only real questions are: "How successful do you want to be?" and "How much time and effort are you willing to invest in order to realize your dreams?" People all over the world use eBay to supplement their existing income or to operate full time retail businesses. You can too. All you have to do is START. The beauty of it is that you can start very small with almost no investment. Nowhere else can you initiate a business endeavor at a very low rate and learn the ropes while managing your risk such that it is almost nonexistent.

While we are not, by any stretch of the imagination, eBay Power Sellers we do maintain an almost constant eBay presence. We are eBay Education Specialists and qualified eBay Trading Assistants. Chris developed and teaches a course, titled "Starting and Operating an eBay Business", at the College of Southern Maryland. We personally enjoy a steady stream of additional revenue from our eBay sales and our clients benefit directly from that experience. We will be happy to consult with you on eBay topics ranging from the very basic to the extremely complex.

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