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We've had an awful lot of folks ask about the caricatures on our "Meet Our Team" page.  We purchased them from a company called Dimple Art. It was an amazingly simple process and very inexpensive.  Sometimes a photo just doesn't "work" and these caricatures have never failed to generate interest and positive responses from clients and prospects.

For one low price... Dimple Art provided us with individual caricatures and one with the two of us together, as in the original picture, from which the individual ones were made.   (note: We added the drop shadows)

Mary Caricature     Chris Caricature     Mary and Chris Caricature

We use them on our web pages, in ebooks and promotional materials and as avatars on discussion forums.  Mary takes a great picture but Chris... his eyes are "faster than the flash". .... no kidding.  It's always very difficult to find a photo we both like.  This has been the perfect solution.

If you have any questions about the process, please feel free to give us a shout.  Dimple Art comes with the Seal of Approval.