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Worldwide Brands 

There are three distinct secrets used by prominent eBay Powersellers. eBay Dropshippers Know What's HOT! The top income producers or Powersellers on eBay do their homework. They find out what is selling. Dropshipping on the Internet is a virtual matter involving digital images of goods a retailer is selling. Before you should start selling these jumped up java makers you should find out if there is a market of people who will by them from you.

Worldwide Brands Inc. is the uncontested leader in product sourcing, wholesaling, and dropshipping.   They are also the ONLY wholesale, dropshipping and prouct sourcing company endorsed by eBay.

The company has a team of researchers on constant lookout for new dropshipping and wholesale suppliers to add to their directory.  They have 2 products. The Whole $ale, is an educational product that walks you through all the 'how-to's' when starting your online store. Their Product Sourcing Membership helps you decide what a good product to sell online is. It shows you the Demand, Competition, Auction, and Retail pricing so you KNOW what your competition is doing. They also have a ton of free videos, audios, and ebooks for you to download.