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Website Development

A key early step in the development of your Virtual Real Estate

While we consider ourselves to be experts in many different areas, website development is not one of them.  It's a skill we have and, more often than not, apply on our own projects but it's not something that we do on behalf of our clients.  Over the years we have developed our own sites from scratch (like this one), purchased custom templates developed by graphic arts firms and on occasion we have procured turn-key custom solutions.  Each of these was the "right choice at the right time" and there are always reasons to select one alternative over the others.

That's where we DO come in.  We routinely advise our clients with respect to their website and hosting account requirements and assist in the selection of their web design features.  If you decide to undertake this project on your own we are happy to recommend a range of tools and resources to make your effort as easy as possible and to ensure the highest possible quality.  We can also recommend web developers and graphic artists and will be happy to act as a member of your design team to ensure that your requirements are translated into web design features.

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