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 Use AuctionYen to Learn What eBay Buyers Want To Buy

"Would you like to know what...
...eBay buyers REALLY want?"

Yes? ... first, have you heard of the eBay Want-It-Now section?

Probably ... but have you REALLY looked into it?  More importantly, what if I told you there is a way to extract HIGH demand with LOW competition product or niche ideas from the data?

Well ... there is! and we will gladly tell you how.  READY? Grab a coffee and enjoy the read...  The want-it-now section is a place where hungry ebay buyers post their request to buy a certain product or service.  Then ebay sellers go there and respond to the posts by pointing them to their auctions.

So ... here is the idea: You basically need to find repetitive trends in the want-it-now posts.  In other words, find related posts that occur several times. This signifies a product or niche idea that is in HIGH demand.

BUT more importantly, you need to find related posts that have little or no responses from ebay sellers.  This signifies LOW competition ... this is key! One method is to copy and paste the want-it-now data from the html source into a spreadsheet program like Excel and sort the list.

Yup ... as you can imagine that is NOT easy!  Well, here is the easy way ... We found a NEW software tool called AuctionYen that does exactly that!

It simply extracts the want-it-now data uncovering HIGH demand, LOW competition product or niche ideas in minutes. Plus, it can work with 4 different eBay sites.

AND there is NO better place to find what buyers want than the Want-It-Now section!

AcutionYen also comes with a VERY cool software tool called Feedback Analyzer that helps you extract the positive, neutral and negative feedback comments from eBay users ... this is handy when determining if the eBay seller is legit or not.